Thursday, September 6, 2012

At the Beginning...

Dear Reader,

Hello! You have a medic student here! Anyway, what makes you stumble here? I guess most of you are either ambitious youngsters wanting to be in the medical school, prospective medical student, current medical student and staffs. If you fall into the last category in mentioned, please leave now, you have no business with us youngsters.

Welcome! :) 

I am a very-soon-to-be medical student here,  and yes, I am currently as excited as a bubble on the verge of exploding, as well as being a little bit scared, not knowing what to expect, as I wait for the day of departure from Malaysia! *teehee* It will be a six year course (the longest for an undergraduate Medicine degree, that is if you don't repeat) in my dream university - University of Cambridge.

This blog will serve as a memoir for any interesting incidents that will happen and also...for my rants that are bound to happen. (Yes, as much as I pray that the stress and pressure will not overwhelm me, I am also a realist - I face realities as it is.) For the juniors who are seeking help, please do not take any advice from this blog without any further reference to the experts in the field/the authority. I shall bear no responsibility for any   unfortunate events, calamities, casualties or the equals result for this is just a blog for leisure and entertainment, of the author at least. (Not that I expect to have any reader anyway.)

So, fret not, you've got a medic student here!!
Welcome on-board, this is an amazing journey you are about to witness.

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