Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Neuro is like a marmite, you either love it so intensely, or hate it.

"We are so familiar with seeing, that it takes a leap of imagination to realize that there are problems to be solved. But consider it. We are given tiny distorted upside-down images in the eyes and we see separate solid objects in surrounding space. From the patterns of stimulation on the retina we perceive the world of objects and this is nothing short of a miracle. 
- Richard L Gregory, Eye and Brain, 1966.

And again, I am in love with neuro. (Beside being amazed by my genius, famous supervisor - the one and only - Roger Carpenter, who is the author of our textbook, every single week...) How can the human brain and the nervous system be so amazing? How we perceive the world, the people around and ourselves - it all depends first our senses, next our consciousness, then our cognition, then our actions and expressions from within, and it all goes back again.
This amazing cycle, nicely decorated (or interrupted) by the magic of our mind, completely changes the world. This is just too...AWEsome.

*Apologies for the geekiness but I've never been so in love with what I am studying before.

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