Saturday, October 25, 2014

Giving an 'introduction'

How would you like to be introduced? Funny, witty, smart, composed, reserved?
Or do you like to introduce yourself because no one else could do you the justice? 

Since university started, I have been meeting new people almost every day. Ok, maybe not that many, but at least 1 per week except during exam term when everyone disappears in this city of nerds intense people. The most common form of introduction in this university is, "Hi, my name is _____. I am a (your year) from (college), doing (course)." 

So, having done this no less than 45678745 times, I am obviously very sick and bored with this kind of introduction, whether when I am being introduced to another person by a mutual friend, or when I had to introduce myself. I mean, ok, it makes sense, it packs the most vital information people need to know about you in 2 sentence, but it's sooooooo common and similar, at the end of a series of introductions (especially when in a group) I can't even remember anything anymore. Not that I am not paying attention or I am not interested in you, I really am interested! But human memory isn't like a computer, dude! Memory works best by association of a new piece of information with our experience or  something outstanding/witty/funny. With that dead boring, fill-in-the-form-style introduction, there's simply nothing unique that I could associate it. (unless you have something physically or behaviourly distinct that I could observe in a few seconds) 

I decided to try something new in the art of creating first impression

During the latest CUMaS freshers squash, I decided to go:
"Hi, I'm Christine. I'm a first year, Biological natural scientist, from Caius." Then tried to look a bit nervous (which I thought should portray first-year's awkwardness quite well.) 
"But why haven't I seen you at the freshers camp?"
"Oh I got the offer very late so I missed the camp."
Of course the freshers believed me, no doubt, with the help of by my fellow third year wingmen. :P They don't have a reason to not believe me. 
So after we finished out 10 minutes chit-chat and the awkward silence starts to sink in before people start moving away to another group of people to talk to, 
"Actually...I'm a third year."
"All were true but I am not exactly a bio natsci, I'm a medic, who's on her third year, but is doing a bionatsci course. All else are true."
Not a very good first impression when trying to instill sense of trust and reliability a senior should have, but heck, when they know me they will know how am I really like, so that shouldn't be a big deal. :P (and now they will remember me forever for being 'the senior who cheated me during the freshers squash')

But my point is - the freshers' response when I told them the fake introduction and the true introduction were so different. When I told them immediately I am a third year, they were much more reserved in their answers.  They were more passive and I had to ask formal/boring questions like 'so how are you finding the first few lectures?' and they gave me a omg-so-generic answers. Then the awkwardness sinks in, then we move away and never talk to each other again. 
Ok probably not that bad. 
BUT the response was immensely different when I told them I am their fellow first year. Yes, the personality of the freshers I decided to prank on may be different but the responses I got when I told them I am a first year are generally much more...genuine. They would give some generic answers, but they also complained, they teased for a bit. And it's just generally warmer, and we instantly connect. There is an expected sense of empathy. How nice would it be if we could all just put down our guards for a bit when meeting people? 
(and my dear freshers, please forgive this dino for pulling this social experiment/prank on you poor innocent souls on the first moments we meet. Don't worry, I won't do it again. Do ask for help whenever you need anything... :) ) 

Then there's another instance I introduced this junior to another friend from third year. 
"Hey, meet  XXX. She is XXX2's sister." I said.
"HEY don't introduce me like that! I am me...."
You won't believe how scared and shocked I was. Oh dear she's gonna hate me forever now, this stupid senior. She was so quiet, so gentle before and I really didn't expect that to come after that introduction which I thought was perfectly fine. I thought it was the easiest way to relate and link 2 people. The sisters shared the same background, so telling my friend about this mutual point should be a good launching pad to help them strike up a conversation. Turns out, it's not always the case. 

Perhaps I should put in more thoughts when introducing someone. I get annoyed and obviously not very impressed too when people introduced me wrongly. ('Hey, meet Christin----a.' -_-"" )

Your introduction is your first impression, the first moment with this new person, who could possible unveil a completely different phase of your life. One wrong step and that's probably the end of the story. (Unless you are obliged to meet each other every day.)
How would you like to be introduced? How do you usually introduce a person to another friend?


  1. Click^_^ Agree,but it also proves that you look young, the people I first met thought I'm already working and it seems hard to play a "i'm a first year student" prank on them T.T

  2. Yup true. I had the same thought as ^ that probably you just look young to be a first year. Not many people get to do that. They age!! Hahahahaa!! But, do it with wisdom aite. You don't want people to start gossiping and sharing your stories until who knows where. ;)
    All the best in your 3rd year of Medicinal studies, Christin-----a!! =P
    God bless!