Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good DoSes

DoS [do-os, noun]
1. Director of studies. 

DoSed [do-os-ed, verb]
1. You have a good DoS, this is just a lovely chat to recall on what went wrong. 
2. You have an evil Dos. You're screwed, mate. Brace yourself. 

Because of the huge number of medics per year my college has, we have a different DoS each year. (DoS [Cambridge term]: Director of Studies) DoS is basically the person who takes care of all your studies related matters and that includes arranging supervisions. If you did something horribly wrong, you get DoSed and face whatever consequence that he judges appropriate to make sure the Same thing doesn't happen gain. I've very fortunately not done anything deserve to be DoSed and sincerely do not wish that day to come...

I am currently in my third year so that means I am currently under my third DoS. It is extremely important to be in good terms with your DoS, or else you are just so screwed for your life  will have a hard time when asking for advices in your studies and getting references for applications, even though we only meet them less than 10 times a year.

I must say I have been blessed with 3 very different but all equally great DoSes for my entire time here. They are all big shots in their fields yet they take time to care for us, little peasants, bottom-of-the-food-chain down here. My first DoS was pretty strict and pushed us really hard. There was once I was late for 5 minutes for his supervision and he pretty much reprimanded me for 5 full minutes before starting the supervision. But when I look back, I couldn't be more grateful for him. It was my first year, I wouldn't know how much you need to work to achieve great heights and unleash your true potential if it weren't for his encouragement, motivation and strict schedules throughout that year. It was the year I worked the hardest, but it was the year which I experienced my steepest learning curve in my entire life so far. 

My second DoS was really lovely elderly man who was retired. He stayed in Malaysia for 7 years before, been to my humble hometown so when I first arrived in Cambridge, I felt so welcomed by him and his wife. We are in the same church too. :) He wasn't as hardcore, but he was strict as well. But he understands us, medics, second years, and he's always there for us, standing on our side, protecting us. I felt so encouraged after each DoS meeting during my second year so even though it was suppose to be the most nightmare-inducing year in a medic's life, I did not had it too badly. I believe he helped, A LOT.

I have not met him since third year started until today, I met him in the church. He was so excited to see me then he literally, held me by my shoulder, shaked me then hugged me and exclaimed "HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR SO LONG!!!!" 
I was melted by his cuteness. Couldn't have been more blessed and lucky to have someone like him around. :') 

I am currently under my third DoS, who is equally lovely and encouraging too (must say good words, I don't want to have a bad year) hahaha..No,but really, he's really nice. He even offered a chance for us to experience being interviewed in from of a proper film set, by a proper program which I took on just to have fun 2 weeks ago. 

I know many people who don't like their DoS, and sometimes, there are just unfortunate circumstances and misunderstandings standing between the students and their DoSes. But if possible (and esp to freshers), treat your DoSes nicely, you have nothing to lose. 

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