Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Missing Malaysian Food

No matter how many stars that michelin restaurant has, no matter how good that authentic tapas is... I still miss the oily, spicy Malaysian food. While you can get some pseudo-Malaysian food here, like char kuey tiao or satay made by non-Malaysians to extort money out of lazy Malaysians, you can never find those authentic mamak roti canai and my favourite...Roti Tissue! Oh dearie me...I have no idea why I kept craving for Malaysian food lately. I kept thinking about the sour and spicy Boat Noodles (RM1.90 per bowl!) and also the spicy, crunchy chicken only available in KFC/McDonald's in Malaysia. Looking at instagram just make everything worst - scrolling through my friends' food photos at 1am is the worst torture ever!

And...I am not even planning to go back anytime soon. How?! *cries*

On the side note, my project is going super well that it will probably end really soon. My first ever proper project. Glad to be able to contribute to the scientific community, even though it's just a tiny weeny piece of information.

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