Friday, January 23, 2015

Something different every day

I just had lunch. Cooked dark soy sauce chicken with chilli flakes and some lettuce. When my bedder came in and saw the food hot from the hob on my table, 

'Looks really yummy!' I could almost see her drool coming down.
'Yes, they are. Thank you. You can hoover tomorrow.' And I sort of implied her that she's suppose to leave my room now before my food disappears in front of me. 

Dark soy sauce chicken is really the easiest thing you can cook if you couldn't think of any other way to cook chicken. I  mean, being Asian, we always have soy sauce lying somewhere in the kitchen right? I have been cooking chicken so often that I have no idea how else to cook them anymore. I only have about 15 minutes to cook a meal, so something complicated or takes a long time like ginseng chicken soup or curry chicken are no-no. There are only a few ways to grill or fry chicken. What else can you do? If you have some good recipes, share with me! :) 

I can really empathise with my mom and those housewives who cook every day now...How on earth can you come up with something different to cook every single day? I'm staying on my own, so even if I want to eat soy sauce chicken every day, it doesn't bother me. But what if you're cooking for the whole family? Obviously you can't cook the same thing every single day right? You'd want everyone to be well-fed and happy. You'd want to keep the table conversations interesting. Imagine how dull the situation would be on the table if a housewife were to cook dark soy sauce chicken everyday:

'Yum! Soy sauce chicken!'
'Oh yea, delicious soy sauce chicken, again!' 
'Oh darling, you put too much soy sauce today.'
'Dar, this chicken could do with more soy sauce.'
'Oh dear, did you dump the whole bag of salt into the pot?!'
'Did you change the brand of the soy sauce you use?'


*scurry to expand recipe library* 

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