Thursday, April 9, 2015


You are a builder,
not an attacker;
All you have to develop and to protect yourself are you bare hands. 

You built yourself  a nice comfortable fort, 
with no weapons inside,
and filled it up with sunshine, pillows, balloons, cotton candies,
and happy thoughts.


When you made yourself vulnerable to a person, 
you opened up the windows, weaknesses in your wall, 
opened up the chances for him to slip in, 
to ravage through your stuffs,  
to stab you 
and to let you bleed.

'Why me?'
you asked;
You were at that person's mercy, because you consented to. 

Because in the first place, 
you trusted him;
You knew he could hurt you anytime,
but you believed he has no reason to
and he would not.

But he did it. 
In fact, he lifted you up from the ground 
only to drop you again. 


It's ok, builder. 
Forgive and forget,
both the good and the bad.
You still have your bare hands;
They are covered with callouses and wrinkles,
but they are still your most faithful hands,
more durable than ever. 

Repair the gates, 
build up a stronger, bigger fort!  

Do not fill it up with weapons. 
Fill it with sunshine, pillows, balloons and cotton candies;
remember the beautiful ribbons and flowers you've always wanted? 
Get those too! 
Top it up with tunes of happiness;
And there, your beautiful home. 

 Keep your eyes open. 

Open the gates,
share your beautiful new home with your allies. 
Do not let the prospect of an enemy slipping in scare you.
For your Father is still with you;
For your allies will not hurt you, 
and if the hurtful ones try to get in,
the Almighty and your allies are with you. 

For you are a builder, 
a builder of a happy home.

'Don't turn back. 
Promise me, from now onward, 
you will be more accomplished than you will ever be.'

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