Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A change in the blog name

No more 'the white coat' because...I have never actually worn a white coat as a medical student. The only time I remembered wearing anything close to a white coat was in the dissection room or in the biochemistry lab during my first year. I have been wanting to change that title since I first used it, but couldn't find any particular name which can accurately describe my journey as a medical student (and hopefully a doctor in the near future) and is constantly there - till my clinical years, I found out that, coffee (or 'kopi' in Malay), my dear faithful friend, has been there all these while, through the years. I have no plan to cut this addition of mine yet (for the fear of a migraine I will be rewarded for abandoning a faithful friend).

Besides, my documents, sign-off sheets and books seem to be constantly being stained with coffee. And I always get this disgusted looks from consultants and nurses when they see my documents...

'Can you sign me off for this skill please?' (Before they opened their mouth) 'Oh, don't worry, that's just some coffee stains.' not blood, not faeces, not urine, not what you think it is... Or is it? 

Coffee addiction seems to be the only a socially celebrated acceptable addiction. Well, at least in the clinics and wards. Even if I missed my coffee in the morning, when I am in the hospital, the nurses would always be so kind to offer me a free cup. And I, being a humble, lowest of the low, medical student, feel obliged to accept the offer. 
'Yes please.' followed by a sweet, sweet smile. 

There was once I forgot to drink my morning cuppa before I met up with my Endocrinology project supervisor at 8am. It was the most awkward meeting ever as she, a consultant, a prominent figure in the world of endocrinology, who came to the hospital at 8am to meet me, tried to be friendly and initiated the conversation, but was responded with responses like this throughout the 1-hour meeting. 

'So how's everything?'
Eyes half opened. 'Mmm..ok.'
'Are you ok?'

You can imagine how guilty I was after that. Thank God she's still willing to talk to me. 

Coffee stains? No. I am not sloppy. This is what you'll get even if I have 1 spillage for every 1000 cups of coffee I drink. Blame chance. 

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