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First ever CUMaS Freshers' Camp & Freshers' Banquet

Le Posh Saujana Hotel
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Last weekend, I was at The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for the first ever CUMaS freshers' camp! :D It was an extremely enjoyable weekend meeting all the new friends, freshers and seniors alike, (who have to will be each others' BFF for the next few years of uni life). The hotel is near the old Subang airport...Plus, we only have to pay a minimal amount for the stay. Heehee.

Gabriel fetched Livia and I from Publika. After being lost for a few times on the way, we finally arrived. (It's opposite a Japanese School.) Greeted by the seniors, we were brought to the field to introduce ourselves and played several games. The games were torturous really nice as we were made to remember each other's name, course and college so we spent no time knowing roughly each's background. The funny thing is, I always got forced into "chubby bunny" type of game which you have to stuff as many marshmallows into your mouth and enunciate the words CHUBBY BUNNY clearly. Did this a few times before (Oh, the nightmare at TAYMUN Seniors Appreciation Night!). In fact, this is my usual habit of eating that I'm trying hard to not show it out in public, so unless you have an eating habit similar to that of a hamster, please, you have no chance at all against me. Muahahaha... Ok fine, this is nothing to be proud of, but I did a new personal best: 10 marshmallows. :p

We played a few more team-building games then proceeded to play University Challenge! :) Ok..the game was fun, but making us recall the Pendidikan Moral definisi (Moral Education in Malaysia, which we have to memorise around 40 definitions of different good values) was just...made me feel like punching people in the face. Just kidding. :p It was funny how everyone can't remember stuffs that, we spent 5 whole years during our secondary school memorising all the definitions until the extend that we can memorise them backwards! It's just 3 years after secondary school and very few of us could remember it. Talk about failed Moral Education. :S We did answered a few more questions on Medicine, Economics, Cambridge, Engineering, MML etc... Had a great time brainstorming with the group mates of POOL. :D  Don't ask why we made the name Pool, it was a completely random choice after we talked about winter pool right before the game. The game ended in an utter irony, Oxford group won. :p

We washed up and went for dinner after that. While in the room, the 2 lawyer room mates and I spent sooo much time talking, laughing and all that. Guess what, none of us understand how we got here, how we got the offer when we are just plain "silly" girls and there are others who are obviously smarter than we are. But somehow, we got here. Silence dominated the whole atmosphere for a few seconds while we pondered. God's amazing.

Then, we spent the night after dinner talking more, played Truth&Lie and the blanket game. Sorry, no idea of the proper name of those games. Heehee..we finished quite late and slept right away when we reached our room. (I heard some others were playing cards at the lobby. Where did they get the energy to do so?!)

Next morning, we had a sumptuous buffet breakfast, followed by MORE games under the sun (Strategy games and chill-version of Ultimate Frisbee). Lunch at a restaurant nearby and MORE talking before we went back to prepare for the night Banquet.

The Banquet is at Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The whole dinner was rather luxurious, I must say. We had so much dessert that I'd puke if you stuff more cheese/chocolate in my mouth. The President and Vice President of Malaysian Oxbridge Society and George Lee (should have talked to him!) were there too. MORE talking to all the new people! Had a really great time knowing about the seniors and their life there...Medics can be really cool and chill people, after all. :)

As if the amount of talking we had for the past 2 days are not enough, few of us still went for a mamak session in Bangsar after the Banquet. It's just magical how we could all mingle so well in such short time.

Oh, life's wonderful. And I bet it'll be even more amazing over there...

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