Thursday, September 13, 2012

Applying for MAS Grads Card

If you are thinking of flying with MAS over to UK for studies with the luggage allowance of max 20kg, please consider again; If you did that, I salute you!

While packing, getting my luggages to be under 20kg was practically impossible. I only packed just clothings enough for a week, some formal wears, 2 pair of shoes, heels, toiletries and stationeries. Nothing massive or extremely heavy, I just don't know how it got to 25kg, or rather, how little 20kg really is.

So I applied for MAS Grads card. It was a very simple and fast process! Just bring a copy of your IC, University acceptance letter and RM30 membership fee, to KL Sentral Enrich Office. Take note, the Enrich Office is not  MAS office, it's located beside The Coffee Bean in KL Sentral. You can print your own form at home, but they have forms there too. I filled mine on the spot and got the card on the immediately. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. No waiting. :)

More info:

11 days till departure! :)

p/s: Just got myself a Canon 60D! Woohoo! I promise to take nice photos and make a nice banner when I go over. :)


  1. hai..may I know whether u bought your ticket thru online or otherwise? And is the GRADS card applicable if I buy flight ticket thru online? tq!

    1. I bought it online. I dont recall using grads card online, but I do use the enrich card number online. Remember to show your grads call at the checkin counter to get your 40kg allowance tho. :)

    2. It appears that MAS has discontinued the GRADS card for student. Last April was the last month to buy the card and end of this year would b the last year for those hold that card to enjoy d privilege. After that, GRADS card holder will be switch to enrich. I am so unfortunate. Haha. Btw if u dont mind me asking, do u know what is d privilege of having enrich card? Will we, the students get any extra luggage allowance just with enrich card? Coz if thats so, I would lobe to apply for that since there is no more GRADS scheme. Tq!