Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Oh gosh...can someone please tell me why did I decided to take a gap year again? 

Deferring is becoming an increasingly popular option for students wanting a well-earned break, a chance to set themselves up financially for the coming years and an opportunity to gain some real-world experience before hitting the books again...

Hmm...the reasons sound pretty legit. Maybe that's why I've made such decision...
Wait, I didn't.

Being June-intake A-Level students, bound for UK universities, we are FORCED to take up this gap year. If you are considering about taking a gap year, DON'T!  Who am I to complain? This gap year has, honestly, helped me to grow in so many ways, to always seek from different perspectives, to have FUN to the extend I'd never imagine before this (10-months holiday man! Just picture it and go sulk in the corner if you never will/had a chance to do so! :p) Judging from the experience I've reaped from this holiday, I really couldn't complain much...EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I COULDN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING FROM A-LEVELS. *bangs the wall*

However, according to my college parents (yes, we have a family system in Cambridge, that's a story for another day), I need not to panic because they expect us to be rusty regardless of the length of holiday before university, so they will refresh even the most basic facts with us. How thoughtful! :)

BUT - there's always this big but - my college parents have also sent their lecture notes over to help me warm up. I felt really warm inside when I first received their letters from the other side of the world. The moment I opened the notes, I stunned like that O.O Stoned. Dead silence.

Then I proceeded to go on , , , instagram...and never look back again.

That's the major crisis now - I can hardly concentrate long enough these days! It's like I really have concentration of a goldfish (and its memory capacity too, if it even exist in the carrasius aurastus due to evolution disadvantages blah blah blah) Even going through the fresher's pack took me 4 long hours. (You won't believe how many activities are scheduled for the first 2 weeks!)

Ok, but I'm really trying hard now to concentrate. I am kiasu. I am trying hard.  urgh. 

4 days till departure! 

p/s: I've received my visa today. It took 13 days, without the RM392 priority service. Still in time for departure. :) 

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