Thursday, August 22, 2013

Feeling welcomed

Grammar Nazis, you have been given the liberty to fire away, with muted weapons. :p 

For the past months of travelling all around, I have met so many more new people from all walks of life. Big shots I've never imagined myself to be acquainted to; old veteran who enjoys idleness, but even more, enjoy a young listening ear; little kids, whose smiles and curiosity never fail to tickle my heart. Each has very interesting background and funny stories to tell, if you are willing to listen.

But...the character which made me envied so much is of those who is able to make you feel so welcomed, so at-home with even though you've just met them few seconds ago! It may be my naivety speaking, but this type of people is so 'warm' that I somehow felt safe and would put down all my guards, just to chat, endlessly with them.

My most recent encounter with this character was during a car pool with a senior in my hometown. I've seen this senior before in high school, but I've never found the reason to talk to her and, she's my senior, the pretty one which most guys would just watch from afar. She graduated before me and I've never seen her, or heard from her ever since, until I helped in an ex-classmate's ECA Drive event in Curtin Sarawak last week. I had no transport back home so she volunteered to fetch me home. It was a 40-minutes drive. If it is like any of my car pool moments with strangers, just the driver and I, I would be terribly shy and quiet. At the end of the car ride, both of us would still know nothing about each other and 40 mins will feel like forever. urgh. I'd just wish we reach the destination ASAP. But car rides with people with warm character as hers, it was much more enjoyable, even in the congestion. 
"I'm so glad you are here today! The whole journey felt so short! Unless the usual days I have to drive alone..." She repeated at intervals. Erm, I should be the one expressing how grateful I am for having a free car ride home...but I just don't know how to respond, so I just smiled and remained quiet, which did not justify the whole situation at all!  
It's all laughter and joy, sharing our stories throughout the journey that we'd wish the journey is a bit longer just so we can finish our stories. 

Another friend which never fail to make me feel so glad to meet him is my Cumas brother! (You know who you are if you are stalking. :p) The one you can always count on, especially if you are one extremely-forgetful and pessimistic person like me. The one who never fails to brighten my day during those sunlight-deprived winter season in Cambridge with his puns, although I too, just smiled and remained quiet most of the time. Thank you for the time you 'introduced' Cambridge to my mom and best friend on River Cam; and for the times I've messed up and couldn't time find storage space for my 10 'china bags' of possessions (=.= sigh), he soooo eagerly came to save the day, or rather, the night. For the times you've helped, not only not expecting any return, but 'forcefully' reject the returns. 
"You know, you are one awesome medic," he often says, which in reality, that's what HE IS. That's what I've been wanting to tell him! 

(China bags are those colourful, stripy, gigantic fold-able nylon/plastic bags those taukes selling stuffs on the streets use. It's traditionally used by China sellers. You can throw it, kick it down the stairs, pull it across the street or treat it however you like. Extremely cheap and heavy duty bags.)

Of course, there are many more people in my life who is able to make you feel so at-home around them instantly. My words and my responses definitely don't justify their goodness. I often wish I could do more, helping them immediately in return, being there when they need, or at least, send a thoughful thank-you note or smth for them. However, often I shamefully did nothing. Instead, I just smile, mutter a 'thank you' and stun...for their sunshine and warmth have left me amazed, when all else is cold and dark. 

Ya think it's just a networking trick? Real stuffs can't be fake! (You don't say!)

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